Zumbumba is a percussion trio committed to integrating authentic world music styles and instruments, emphasizing West Africa, with traditional Western percussion. The group’s musical strength lies in the diversity of its members. Meeting as graduate students at the University of Arizona, the three founding members, Aaron Emery, Michael Sammons, and Michael Vercelli formed Zumbumba to blend their individual talents rooted in classical percussion, jazz, and world music. Focusing on musical compositions ranging from contemporary Western composers to traditional repertoire of African, Caribbean, and South American origin, Zumbumba is dedicated to the perpetuation of the percussive arts as well as the commissioning of new works. Zumbumba currently keeps an active performing schedule, primarily through educational outreach programs. Individually, Zumbumba’s members have given performances and workshops throughout the Southwest, West Virginia, Alabama, Colorado, Florida, and New England and have studied internationally in Ghana, Uganda, Trinidad, Cuba, and Bali.

Here’s a live performance of Forfor Twene (New Drum) written by Zumbumba for the Percussive Arts Society International Convention 2007 Focus Day.

Forforo Twene



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